March Update

Posted by Kelly on March 5, 2013 in Family, My Life |

Wow – things move fast around here.  Hayley is now 8 months old, been in the new house almost a year, construction software is kicking ass, and life is generally pretty good.  Busy, but good.

Went skiing for the weekend with Ryan and Marie at their gorgeous place up in Big Bear this weekend, and we started talking about making memories, and life in general.  This was shortly after we tried an experiment where we had a cocktail after each run in the afternoon – which got interesting after our 5th run at 8200 feet.  But I digress.

At our age, memories is what we want to make, and we are running out of time to make them.  Focus on work is necessary, but focus on AFTER that is where I want to be now.  Enough is enough.  Time with the family and enjoying life is now job #1.




End of year update

Posted by Kelly on December 10, 2012 in My Life |

Whoa – long time without posting.  That makes sense.  New baby, new house, Sydney doing a thousand things, work hectic, Pam back to work.  No time for much flying or golf, let alone blogging.

It occurs to me that FaceBook and Twitter (especially) has really become my replacement for this blog.  The only thing that separates the two is that people can browse the blog anonymously, as opposed to needing to be my friend.  That’s cool, I guess – but it begs the question:  what are you doing here if you don’t know me?  Maybe a better question – if you DO know me, and we’re not friends on Facebook, why not?  Did I do something to piss you off?  Damn I hope not.  I hate that.  Friend me.  I’ll accept.


Ida Alvis

Posted by Kelly on August 13, 2012 in My Life |

I’ve read some horrible stuff in my day, but the tales of nurse Ida Alvis on this blog are seriously beyond belief.  Some people shouldn’t be allowed into nursing.  This idiot is one of them.

(Update:  David had to take the site offline, pending legal action against the retards at Woodland Terrace.  But suffice it to say that people like Ida Alvis shouldn’t be caring for anyone on an AMATEUR basis, to say nothing of professionally.  Rude, mean, and absolutely without thought for the loved ones of those she is allegedly “caring” for.)


Finished (?) moving

Posted by Kelly on May 14, 2012 in My Life |

Well, we’re living in the new house now – and it’s awesome.  Much bigger, great neighborhood, closer to Sydney’s school, and just all around happier.  There are still boxes – goal is to get them all unpacked by end of week – and then there are a million other things to do.  Gotta get stuff on the walls, set up the office completely, and the media situation is a must.

No cable – I promised I would try and cut the cord with this move – but live TV is handy sometimes.  So the antenna will have to work.  I used it to watch golf today – and it was really awesome.  The picture is unbelievably clear, and I get pretty much all of the key local channels.  Very lucky.  More as it developers.

See?  Told you I would post more.



Pretty busy ’round here

Posted by Kelly on April 20, 2012 in My Life |

A new year, and lots of changes now.  In summary:

  • New baby on the way, due July 11.  It’s a girl.
  • Siteboss 2.0 is awesome.  Tell everyone.
  • Moving.  New house in Woodland Hills.  Keeping the old house.  Need renter.
  • Brandissimo! is awesome.  Released iPad storybook, rebuilding NFL sites, all kinds of good stuff.
  • In general, everything is pretty good.

I promise to update more frequently now.



Posted by Kelly on June 16, 2011 in My Life |

Pi Software has launched.  It’s called SiteBoss, and the feedback from customers is awesome.  Version 2.0 is already underway, and that is when things will get really interesting.

Sydney is done with school, and going to high school (at Louisville) in mid August.  I am OLD.

Going to Atlantis in the Bahamas for vacation this year.  It cannot happen soon enough.

Brandissimo, EcoTripper and Stiffs are all still doing well.  Crazy well in every case, in fact.

The airplane I flew back from Mississippi had a small problem after it returned.  The engine ate itself, requiring a complete overhaul.  3 days of flying it home, with no problems.  Charmed life indeed.  Plane is fixed now.


Another mass update

Posted by Kelly on April 5, 2011 in My Life |

Sorry – but busy doesn’t even cover it anymore.  Highlights:

  • Sydney got into the two high schools to which she applied – LACHSA and Louisville.  LACHSA is very strong with the performing arts, but far away (on the campus of Cal State LA) and NOT as strong academically.  Louisville has a very solid performing arts program, we know people there, has great academics.  Downside:  Louisville is an all girls (fine by me) Catholic school (not fine by me).  I have great faith (ha!) in her ability to manage it though.
  • Pi Software is gathering lots of steam now, and feedback is good and getting better.  It’s happening just as I always knew it would.  Trust yourself, and never ever give up.
  • Pam and I celebrated 1 year of marriage.  In Vegas.  Of course.  It was crazy fun.  Of course.
  • Flew a Diamond DA-40 from Greenwood, MS to Van Nuys, CA in 3 days, with Claudio.  Great adventure, even if it was into a 20 knot headwind and light to moderate turbulence the WHOLE way.
  • Ecotripper.com launched – hotels and other travel for the eco-friendly traveler.  Go look.
  • Refining things in my life – relationships that were one-sided, jobs that had no long term value, activities that weren’t healthy.  OK – not ALL activities.

I’ll post more now.  I swear.



Must. Update. Blog.

Posted by Kelly on September 2, 2010 in My Life |

Too long.  Therapeutic for me to blog, so I shall do it more.  Updates:

  • Got married
  • Sydney excellent, teenager, 8th grade, danced in Boston all summer
  • Working more if that is even possible
  • Pi launching – finally
  • Working with Brandissimo, NFL, USOC, maybe PGA someday
  • Over 1000 hours flying
  • Golf WAY less than I want

Summary:  life not too shabby, and getting better all the time


Sydney at the Grammys

Posted by Kelly on February 3, 2010 in My Life |

Insane.  A spectacular evening that included seeing every star imaginable, sitting in the 4th row (right by Beyonce and Pink) and even walking the red carpet.  If it were anybody else, I’d be jealous.  I’m just happy.

In other news, she also got accepted to dance in the summer program at the Boston Ballet.  She’ll be there for 5 weeks during the summer.  Back before her birthday, wherein she becomes an actual teenager.  Crazy.


The Greatest Program Ever Written

Posted by Kelly on January 5, 2010 in My Life |

Although I actually played with a Sinclair ZX-81, I never wrote code for it (assembler was the only thing you could write for it, which I DID in fact write for the TRS-80), I can still respect the fact that someone could write a chess program – including simple AI to select moves – in LESS THAN 700 bytes.

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