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Thinking about a nice vacation?  Something to just go, relax, and unwind.  How about Around the World in 80 Pubs?


Tiger’s record going into 2009 US Open

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An interesting, if not INSANE fact:  since the 2007 British Open (almost 2 years ago), Tiger has played in 17 tournaments – a number much lower than it should have been, because he was out rehabbing his broken leg. He finished in the top 10 in 7 of those.  The other 10?  He WON those.

Summary:  Tiger Woods hasn’t finished out of the top 10 in any tournament he’s played in for nearly TWO YEARS.


Dancing Dads, the end of 6th grade, and a physical

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Big couple of weeks.  Sydney finished 6th grade, and coupled with the physical she just had, makes me acutely aware that she is very nearly a teenager.  The doctor (mother of one of her school friends) gave us the full rundown on where she is with puberty, plans for menstrual cycles, and even how to start discussions about birth control.  Excuse me?  Birth control?  Umm – no.  Just – NO.

If news that i can actually wrap my head around, her recital was last weekend.  She was fantastic as usual, dancing in a can-can number that I could hardly believe.  Just amazing.  She also got called in last minute to dance a number she hadn’t done in a year, because another kid got massive stomach cramps – probably from birth control.  I also did my Dancing Dads thing, to “Jai Ho” from Slumdog Millionaire,   which the crowd loved – probably because we’re DADS, have very little rhythm, and generally suck.  Whatever.  It was great fun.


Funny. Period.

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There are few things more fun in life than making fun of those who just should NEVER be in photographs.


Velocity Diet – complete!

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Well, it’s done.  I just finished my last shake.  Stats:

  • 6 weeks
  • 185 protein shakes
  • 25 Healthy Solid Meals
  • 18 pounds lost (likely all fat)
  • 3 inches lost off belly
  • 2 additional belt notches required – rendering some belts non-functional
  • Blood glucose numbers not outside of normal range for over 3 weeks

And as an added bonus, I have rediscovered all the cleanest eating habits.  When this started, I dreamed of a day I could have fast food again, or candy, or other junk.  Now it doesn’t sound nearly as good as really, really healthy food.

Over the next 4 months I’m going to continue cycling carbs to slowly cut some more fat, and get back to building more muscle with a solid plan from Chad Waterbury’s book, Huge in a Hurry.  I don’t want to be a full tilt bodybuilder – but I do want to be a bit more defined and bigger in general.

In short, I’d recommend this diet to anyone who needs a really serious change in their diet, and wants to lose some weight fast.  I won’t kid you – it’s not easy.  But it teaches you SO much about proper nutrition, and about the TIME involved in eating in general, that you will stop living to eat, and start eating to live.  If anyone out there wants help getting started in this, shoot me an email.  I’d be happy to help.


Kristin and Kerry Chidachi turn 21

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Met them when they were 5. This weekend they can drink alcohol and gamble legally. This makes me feel old. But I’m still going to help them celebrate.


Just to get it straight:

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Talent I can not comprehend

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So much talent in my family.  My child, of course – miraculous dancer, singer, actress, student.  And now the old man.  The Greg Husebye website went online today. and it showcases his art.  The man is just crazy good.  Have a look.

I’m not an artistic guy.  I cannot color inside the lines.  I cannot sing (except when drunk, at which time I am an EXCEPTIONAL singer.  Ask Pam).  I cannot dance.  I cannot play a musical instrument.  This stuff astounds me.


Here we go

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V-Diet starts tomorrow, and David and I are ready.  Went and got Hydrostatic body composition tests yesterday, and I came out at 21.2% bodyfat.  I’ve let myself go a bit recently, but I never thought it would be that high.  Whatever.  Just makes it that much sweeter when I get below 10%.

The kind folks over at Brandissimo created shirts for our venture.  Very funny.  Have a look.


The V-Diet

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It’s called the Velocity Diet from the good folks at Testosterone Nation, and it’s what I apparently need to do to finally get the last of my belly fat off for good.  You can read about it, but here are the highlights:

  • Two parts:  the diet plan and the exercise plan
  • 4 weeks, followed by two weeks of transition
  • Diet:  First 4 weeks is 5 specially engineered protein shakes a day, with one – ONE – HSM or “Healthy Solid Meal” per WEEK.  For me, it’s around 1600 calories a day.  First week of transition changes to an HSM every day, second transition week is 2 HSMs a day.
  • Training:  3 workouts a week dersigned specifically to burn a lot of fat and limit the muscle loss.  Daily NEPA (non-exercise physical activity) such as 30 minutes of brisk walking.  Then the “V-Burn Challenge” on the weekend – a set of body weight exercises done non-stop in circuits.  This part looks brutal, but interesting.

The idea is that you are trying to do something that will so radically alter your metabolism as to jump start fat loss very, very quickly.  Lots of people are doing it (and David is doing it with me), and report losing as much as 25 pounds of fat in the full six weeks.  That’s what I need.  It’s going to happen.

UPDATE:  A lot of questions via IM, generally starting with “Dude – that’s CRAZY” – so a few additional notes:

  • The diet is 1700 calories on non training days, 2000 on training days.  Hardly starvation.
  • It’s not just whey protein powder, it’s a lot of things.  Superfood (12 fruits and vegetables with the water removed), milled flaxseeds, CLA/DHA pills, fiber pills, Leucine.
  • The exercise program is very focused, but not impossible to do with so much less fodd than I normally eat.

Thanks for the concern – but I’ll be healthier than I have ever been when this is over.  I’ll post pictures.

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