Time to UPGRADE my operating system

Posted by Kelly on April 18, 2008 in My Life |

That’s right. Having gone from Ubuntu to Vista (because I need to test my killer construction management software in IE), I have decided it is time to truly upgrade for speed and stability.

Hello Windows XP!

That’s right. I’ll say it, and I’ll say it loud: VISTA SUCKS. It is a bloated, slow, buggy, unstable, over-complicated piece of CRAP that illustrates how bad a product can get when a company loses site of its mission.

My niece Kristin, who is doing some web design work for me, brough her Toshiba Satellite over last night to do some work, and I was ASTOUNDED at how slow it was running Vista. This is a dual-core machine with only 512MB of RAM, but still – how powerful is a machine supposed to be. I finally told her that she should put XP on it, and went ahead and spent last night doing it. The thing SCREAMS. Now there is the downside of the lost functionality by downgrading – features like…wait…no. Never mind. There is NO downside. Vista does not do ONE thing better than XP.

I still like Windows Server for many things (stiffs.com runs on it, for example), but none of my software is using it – it’s all CentOS 5. The beginning of the end for Microsoft? Perhaps.


  • Greg Fry says:

    Sitting here working on my Toshiba Satellite, all pissed off that it’s running so slow (on Vista). So I get bored and start jumping around and hit your blog. It’s like you read my mind (that’s a short read usually). Spot on, my friend! SPOT ON! Now, I’m going to hit “Submit” and take the next 10 minutes off while it processes that function.

  • J says:

    Above comment should read:

    “I agree, Vista is slow, damn slow but the other day I pulled up the task manager in XP. Holy shit, there was a plethora of (pinatas) spyware and trojans. That’s one thing Vista has freed me from. I don’t have to reformat every 6 days.

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