Is Stiffs.com really sick? Or is it just YOU?

Posted by Kelly on July 9, 2009 in My Life |

Just got off the phone with what is apparently Michael Jackson’s biggest fan in all of Minnesota.  Note to self:  must make it at least a BIT harder for people to get my cell number.

He started out very politely asking if I was the Commissioner of the Game of All Games, and I said yes.  He then proceeded to tell me, in incredible detail, what a fantastic person MJ was, and all the great things he did for the world.  That I would never amount to anything close to him, and that I should be ashamed of myself for running such a disgusting game.  Normally, I thank people like this for their feedback, and leave it at that.  But I decided to engage this guy just a little:

Me:  Can you tell me just what it is that disgusts you about this game?
Him:  It’s about death.
Me:  But death is something that just HAPPENS.  Football happens too, and I bet football websites don’t bother you.
Him:  This is different.  This is a serious matter.
Me:  I’ll bet if you asked an NFL player if football was a serious matter, he’d say yes.
Him:  But you are making a game out of it!  Making money!
Me:  Football is a game.  And they make a lot more money than me.
Him:  You’re missing the point.
Me:  I haven’t heard a point yet – but i want you to do something for me.  Take 30 seconds, right now – and just THINK about what bugs you about this website.  Then speak.
Him:  Fine.  (30 seconds of silence)
Him:  I think it’s because you make fun of people who are dead or dying.  And that is disrespectful.
Me: To who?
Him:  To Michael Jackson!
Me:  Is he still dead?
Him:  You’re a jerk.  (Click)

Nothing about his off-color obituary, nothing about his family, etc.

So there you go.  Stiffs.com.  Sick fun for the whole family.

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